5-jan-09 A bit late, but Happy New Year! I'm working on something new in the Connections section and two sticks are in the queue. 2-sep-08 Added the PQI i810 Plus USB stick.
31-aug-08 Added the Difrnce FD50 USB stick.
26-aug-08 Added the Corsair Flash Voyager USB stick.
This is the 10th stick!
15-aug-08 Added the Emtec C250 USB stick.
8-jul-08 Added the Super Talent Pico Jewelry USB stick.
14-apr-08 Added a look inside the Apacer AH223 USB stick.
12-mar-08 Added the Apacer AH223 USB stick.

Added the Amazon Kindle in the Connections section.


Some small cosmetic changes.


Well, the benchmarks for the USB sticks are up, still need to work on stylesheets and more content.
At least the News section is also working now. ;-)